Contact US | FugitiveDaughter@gmail.com

Twitter: @fugitivedaughtr


Nikki deLUXE: Vocals, Bass, Lyrics, Beats
SEAN YOUNG: Guitar, Lyrics, Keys
Progressive Soul, Acoustic Afro Gothic Funk,  R&B, Heavy Jazz, Detective Funk

Hometown: Venice, CA

FUGITIVE DAUGHTER is the messianic lovechild and manifested imagination of Australian guitarist, Sean Young and the enigmatic Philly-born, Alaska-bred singer/bassist Nikki deLUXE.

We’re a really different band. But that’s what the world needs.  Unexpected, Deeply Satisfying and Strangely Familiar; We are a sweet incarnation. A welcome respite from the current onslaught and worship of “all that is trite”.

Stripped down, soul injected, buck wild R&B.

This is us, see? We’re today.
If you don’t dig us, shoot away 2 some square joint with the rest of the creeps.
OR why not stick around and Get Into It?


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